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A workshop to help executives better communicate in 2021. Learn to use culturally acceptable, inclusive language to ensure you don't offend staff or clients.

This is not about “cancel culture” or being 100% “woke.”  It's about realizing words or phrases you've used in the past may no longer be acceptable.  Or perhaps your corporate policies haven't kept up with societal norms. 

Your client base and your workforce may be impacted by racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ageism, or other forms of discrimination.  Their life experiences shape the way they receive your messaging.  Are you inadvertently sending the wrong messages that can marginalize employees and turnoff potential clients?

  • We will review samples of your internal and external communications.
  • We will help you craft language that conveys your messaging without negative connotations.
  • We'll examine communication crises other firms have encountered so you can learn from their examples.  Did their communications strategy work, or make a bad situation even worse?
  • We'll facilitate a discussion with your executives on your corporate policies.  When was the last time you addressed questions like these?

    • Do you have a policy on employee hair that actually discriminates by gender or race?
    • Are employees allowed to wear clothing that demonstrates their support for a movement or cause?
    • What happens if an employee wears something on the job that conveys hate or bias?
    • What if an employee is videotaped acting in a hateful manner outside work hours?  They are wearing a shirt emblazoned with your company logo and the video has gone viral.  Is this a private matter or do you need to take a stand?
    • Do your corporate donations align with your corporate culture?
  • We craft our workshops to fit the precise needs of our clients.
  • We can work in conjunction with your HR and Communications Managers.
  • If yours is a small business with no in-house HR and Communications Managers, we can work independently with input from a senior executive.
  • We don't lecture, we engage with participants.

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  • The training team...

    Suzanne Spurgeon, Founder of Women Media Pros, former CNN VP, and former Communications Director at a large labor union.

    Renee Kemp--International Journalist, Senior Media Trainer, and Public Speaker

Yvette Fernandez-- Bilingual Journalist, Media Trainer, and Documentarian 

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