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We offer media interview training for executives, crisis communications, public relations and video production. Online, in print and on air—we have you covered. 

Executives and other professionals turn to Women Media Pros to prep them for all forms of media interviews. Our on-camera practice interviews are as close to actual media interviews as you can get. We are real journalists asking tough questions—the kind you’ll face when the media spotlight is on you.  Sessions are crafted by former CNN VP and Women Media Pros Founder Suzanne Spurgeon.  She and her team of veteran journalists have media trained businessmen and women across the country and internationally.  We conduct media training sessions in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, Chicago, Milwaukee and wherever we're needed.

For those who prefer virtual training, we have you covered.  Book a one-hour session with Suzanne Spurgeon to up your media game. 

Corporations, high-profile individuals and celebrities need to be ready for worst-case scenarios and the negative media attention those crises can bring.
As media insiders we can help you shape your crisis communication plans and coach your spokespeople. The only way to truly prepare for ambush interviews is to practice doing them.

If you are looking to raise your media profile but don’t know how to begin, we can help. We know how and when to approach producers, editors and reporters. It starts with a good story and a well-crafted news release. Our public relations services are ideal for small business people who want to get on the media’s go-to list.

Nothing livens up your corporate presentation like a video. Even the bored people at the back of the room will look up and pay attention. The same is true for videos on your website. Visitors get a feel for the real you, when you speak to them in a website video. Your video may be a “how to,” or a “call to action,” or in times of crisis, it could be an “apology” video. The point is you need videos. Whether you want to keep it simple (one camera shoot) or go for a multi-camera studio production, our video production services will ensure that your video looks professional.

Providing  MEDIA TRAINING services in: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Milwaukee and cities worldwide
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