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Media Training: On-air Nerves

  February 11, 2020

You're about to do a live TV interview and your mind is racing.  Will you remember your talking points? Do you know where to look--at the interviewer or directly into the camera?  Will you represent your company in the best possible light?

It's no wonder you are nervous.  But there's no real need to panic.  Women Media Pros' Senior Media Trainer Bella Shaw offers some advice (based on her many years in the anchor chair at CNN, hosting infomercials and reporting from the Red Carpet).

Bella's View: Being nervous is good news! It means you care about
your on-camera presentation.  Even the most talented actors get butterflies in their stomachs prior to taping or filming.  The trick is to learn how to channel that nervousness into positive energy.  An actor once told me, "If you overcome the first 20 seconds, the rest is easy."  

Bella's TV Tips:
* Breathe deep from the diaphragm until your lungs are completely filled. Then hold for five seconds and slowly breathe out.  
*  Imagine yourself in your happy place, whether it’s the Swiss Alps or your own backyard.
* Close your eyes and concentrate just before cameras roll.
* Do you meditate? Great!
* Think of someone you like talking to such as  a friend, your grandmother, or coworker.
* Don’t perform.  Have a conversation.
*  Be yourself and focus on your message.
*  Keep your thoughts positive.
*  Be prepared.
*  Practice, practice, practice.
*  Media training gives you confidence.
*  Remember, no one is perfect.
* Use a safety net, like an index card with bullet points if you get stumped.
* Focus on the moment, not the future.
* Fake it 'til you make it.  By acting strong and confident, your nerves should disappear!


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