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John Mayer get some Media Training!

By Suzanne Spurgeon  February 11, 2010

John Mayer said some really stupid things in his "Playboy" interview and quickly offered an apology that really doesn't do much to repair the damage.  Now he plans to, "...quit the media game".  What?  John, no one put those hurtful words in your mouth.  This is on you.  It might be time for fans, especially us women, to quit John Mayer.  To be sure there are media outlets that love to trash celebrities and politicians---it makes for good ratings.  But, John Mayer makes it so easy.  If he has had media training, it didn't take.  My advice: get training before you say another word to a reporter or just keep your mouth shut. 

Just as Mayer's use of the "N-word" is offensive; so too is the use of the "R-word".  I applaud Sarah Palin for raising this issue when Rahm Emanuel used the word.  But when Palin excused Rush Limbaugh for using the same word, she lost me.  Either the term is offensive or it is not.  I think Palin lost a golden opportunity to educate people on this issue. 

The bottom line; words matter.  This is true in private conversations and when the media spotlight is shining.



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