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Crisis Communication: One Size Doesn't Fit All

  October 19, 2017

If you expect brand loyalty you need to treat your customers/clients with respect.  A southern California restaurant is learning that the hard way.  It wasn't until they were caught that they disclosed their tasty fried chicken was actually fast food chicken they simply reheated.  Sure the owner is being honest now but I would feel cheated if I had eaten there.  Seems like a golden opportunity for the fast food chain to capitalize on this free publicity.   Why pay more for their chicken?

The MGM brand is in a tricky situation.  As Las Vegas recovers from the horrific mass shooting,  MGM is trying to figure out how to move forward without being insensitive to the victims, their families, the community and their own employees.  There is a bit of blow back over their new ad which plays up "vegasstrong."  I actually was impressed with it when I saw it on TV this week.  I think it sets the right tone.

There is no brand more at risk this week than The Weinstein Company, and rightfully so.  It will take more than firing Harvey to recover.  There is already talk of a sale and that probably is the best option.  I can't imagine anyone wanting to be associated with TWC now.   I have been saddened and touched by the "me too" stories appearing across social media in the wake of this sexual harassment/assault scandal.  Friends, family and colleagues are sharing their stories. 

One major brand I would like to commend is Dannon Yogurt.  They broke ties with Cam Newton after the football player's sexist comment to a female reporter.  He thought her legit question was funny coming from a woman.  Newton has apologized but I'm sure he doesn't find it funny now.

Your company's crisis may not reach the magnitude of these examples, but when it happens to you it may feel like your world is crumbling.  If you don't already have a crisis communication plan in place, gather up your team and work one out.




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