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Damaris Echevarría Soto
Damaris is part of Women Media Pros' bilingual training team.
She is a native Spanish speaker who is also fluent in English. 

During her long communications career Damaris was a host of a daily entertainment program in Mexico on Televisa Group; the host and producer of a nightly radio show in Mexico; an instuctor at the University Durango Santander, where she taught screenwriting, psychology of communication, and television courses; and she traveled across Mexico training sales and marketing teams of a large brewery on the topics of leadership, negotiation, communication and empathy.
Damaris is a training director at Amigos de las Americas in San Jose, California. 

Damaris can help you prepare for public speaking.  You'll learn:

  • About diction (to speak clearly and correctly)
  • How to speak without losing your breath
  • How to limit discourse markers in your speech
  • What your body language says about you
  • How to avoid looking nervous

    Virtual sessions now available

Providing  MEDIA TRAINING services in: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Milwaukee and cities worldwide
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