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Media Training: Do you need it?

November 16, 2023
Media training doesn't have to be lengthy or expensive. It does need to fit your precise needs. If you have been trained previously maybe you need just a couple hours of on-camera practice or perhaps a virtual refresher session. If you are a first-timer, as many of our clients are, here ...

Media Training: Know Your Audience

October 19, 2023
If you are looking to promote your business through media interviews it is important to know just who your target audience is. It may be that mainstream English-language media is not the best fit. The audience size will be larger but if your client/customer base doesn't match the ...

Media Training: Interview Types

October 10, 2023
If you haven't done many TV interviews you may assume they are all pretty much alike. They are not. Sometimes as an interview subject you'll have input into the type of interview to be conducted. More likely the journalist will decide. Of course you can always decide not to do the ...

Media Training/Crisis Management

September 18, 2023
Things are running smoothly for your business. Then, out of the blue, a curve ball comes crashing through your door. Whether you a small business owner or a Fortune 500 CEO, how you respond can have a lasting impact on your reputation and the bottom line. So where do you start to repair the ...

Media Training: When disaster strikes

August 16, 2023
Natural disasters and manmade ones test the communication skills of even the very best PIO or any official who has the daunting job of addressing the media and the public. We've all watched the devasting news out of Maui these past days. There are many questions yet to be answered and ...

Media Training: Questionable Questions

July 13, 2023
Do you have to answer every question a journalist asks during an interview? No. Not every journalist is created equal and not every question one asks is appropriate, on-topic or smart. So how do you respond when you are in the media hot seat?If a journalist asks you a question that is way too ...

Media Training: Your time to shine

May 14, 2023
Is today your day to shine on social or traditional media? It could be if your content is compelling and your timing is right. You can up your chance of garnering media attention by acting as your own planning editor. Start by creating your own media calendar. You are looking for the best days to ...

Media Training: Newsworthy

April 29, 2023
Your news doesn't have to be "breaking news" for journalists and the public to find it interesting. A story can be newsworthy for several other reasons. A good news or feel-good story A unique story An inspirational story A "news you can use" story Here are some ...

Media Training: Brand Management

April 20, 2023
Every time you do a media interview it's an opportunity to reach potential new clients/customers and to build on relationships you have with existing ones. Earned media helps build your brand. But what if you are trying to recover from a hit to your brand or image? It could be your paid ...

Media Training: Keep Calm

April 6, 2023
It's normal to be nervous before major life events. You could have pre-wedding jitters, high anxiety waiting for medical test results or a panicky feeling before a job interview. So too, you can develop a case of nerves before and during a TV interview. And people are watching! A few ...

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