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Crisis Communications: The Coronavirus

March 5, 2020
There is a lot we don't know about the coronavirus. What we do know is it's driving a lot of business decisions as the virus spreads and fear grows. A few examples: Many airlines have cut international flights, but United and JetBlue have also announced cuts to domestic ...

Media Training: On-air Nerves

February 11, 2020
You're about to do a live TV interview and your mind is racing. Will you remember your talking points? Do you know where to look--at the interviewer or directly into the camera? Will you represent your company in the best possible light? It's no wonder you are nervous. But ...

Media Training: Your TV Look

December 5, 2019
The most important part of any media interview is your messaging. But if you opt for a TV interview or perhaps Facebook Live, visual elements also matter. Women Media Pros Bella Shaw and Suzanne Spurgeon created these how-to videos a few years back. Check out our tips on makeup and dressing ...

Media Training: Learn How to Get Media Coverage

November 27, 2019
Media Coverage TIPS Positive media coverage is a great way to showcase your small business. But how do you get noticed? Start with these suggestions:1. Look for news hooks. Example: you are a relationship coach. Pitch yourself to traditional media just ahead of Valentine's Day. Example: ...

Media Training: Story Telling

October 29, 2019
Good story tellers hold an important place in history. Before the written word these story tellers were invaluable to their communities. They could not have imaged the ways in which we communicate today. Whether it's for Facebook Live, a TV interview, a QVC appearance, or an elevator ...

Media Training: Public Perception

October 25, 2019
When a crisis hits your business, there are smart ways to respond to the media and public that can mitigate the situation. This week the Houston Astros did it the wrong way--prolonging the story. Sports Illustrated reports that a Houston Astros' assistant coach repeatedly gloated to three ...

Media Training for Executives

October 15, 2019
Executives I have worked with fall into two categories. 1) Those who are forward thinking and know that being media-savvy makes them even more valuable to their company.2) Those who'll do just about anything to avoid dealing with the media and will only attend a media training workshop if ...

Media Training: Talking Points

October 3, 2019
If you've ever done a media interview you know how important it is to craft talking points in advance. But what's really important is to stay on that messaging during the interview. It's very easy to go off track and before you know it, the interview is over and you didn't ...

Media Interview Training for the Media-Shy

September 27, 2019
There are many reasons people avoid doing media interviews. Here are just a few... You are too camera-shy to even think about a TV interview. You've suffered through a really bad media interview and have vowed never to do another one. Your company has been unfairly targeted by the ...

Media Training: Protect Yourself in Interviews

September 20, 2019
Media interviews are a double-edged sword. Do them well and your business may benefit from the media exposure. Or, if your company is facing a crisis, an interview is your opportunity to set the record straight and begin to take control of the situation. But there are dangers of doing ...

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