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  September 6, 2022

You've heard the expression, "You don't know what you don't know."
If you're considering media interviews before getting media training you'll likely find out quickly just how true that is.  You may be a great public speaker or a whiz presenting in the boardroom, but that doesn't mean you'll be a natural in media interviews.  That said, you can get comfortable doing media interviews once you learn how to level the playing field with journalists and take part in mock interviews, 

Just a few things to consider before your next media interview:

  • Preparing for a TV interview varies greatly from preparing for a long-form print interview.  One isn't easier.  There are simply different things to focus on with each medium.  
  • A seasoned reporter knows how to steer an interview in the direction they want; that is unless you know how to push back and stay on your messaging.
  • A field camera and microphone unexpectedly stuck in your face can be very intimidating.  Do you rush past with a "no comment" response? No, there is a better way to navigate this situation.
  • Eye contact is extremely important during a TV interview.  But that doesn't mean you always look straight in to camera.  Sometimes that is the absolute wrong thing to do.
  • TV is a visual medium and a whole host of things can distract from your messaging.  Are you swinging in your chair?  Is your gesturing too big? Do you have a nervous laugh? Do you say "um" repeatedly during a five minute interview?  A media trainer can identify your quirks and help you eliminate them.  Nothing like seeing yourself on camera during mock interviews to fine tune your verbal and non-verbal communications before an actual media interview. 

A good media trainer will give you an honest appraisal of your skills.   If a problem area is identified during media training, it's not a bad thing.  It's an opportunity to fine tune and get better before facing the media. 

During many years of media coaching I have found that clients often don't realize they have distracting habits, unclear messaging, or that they ramble on and on in their responses.  That's all fixable.

 Another thing that is common, are clients who think they are worse mass communicators than they really are.  That perception changes once they learn about media relations and  ways to avoid media traps in interviews.  If you consider a media appearance or interview as an opportunity rather than a chore or necessary evil, you'll be amazed at how successful you can be.  You could confidently promote your products or services  to a wider audience,  control a company communications crisis, or share your expertise with the public.  

I'd like to help you on your journey.  Reach out and we can discuss which one of ourmedia training options is a good fit for you and your precise needs.   You'll learn how to speak in "sound bites" for broadcast interviews and how to tell your story in a compelling manner across platforms.  


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