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Talking Points Tune-Up

What is it, and why do you need it?

Just like your auto needs a tune-up from time to time, your corporate talking points should be professionally tuned up at least once a year.  Our Women Media Pros team has spent decades working in the media, in corporate communications and other communications' professions. We have written talking points for clients in varied fields--airlines, energy firms, a national rail service, a California-based utility, manufacturers, and many more. 

We often work alongside the corporation's in-house communications team, but we can also work independently if our clients' prefer.  We do research, review your current talking points, critique them and tweak them--so that your message is always coming through in the media (traditional and social media).  If your firm doesn't have written talking points, we can start fresh. 

The truth is with 24-hour news networks and the dominance of social media, your tried and true talking points may have become tired and outdated.  When was the last time your executive team even reviewed them? 

Service available in English and Spanish.
Servicio disponible en Espańol.

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