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Rasha Goel 

Rasha is an international correspondent and TV host.  She is fluent in Hindi and Punjabi.  She was invited to speak at the Davos World Communication Forum on the role of media in our lives. Rasha is the newest member of the Women Media Pros team who brings both traditional and social media experience.

  • Has reported for CNN-IBN, AOL, France 24 and the NBC affiliate in Los Angeles
  • Blogger for Women Network
  • Experience in Stage Production and Event Planning
  • Emmy-nominated Producer

"Rasha is a really beautiful lady, a wonderful person, a savvy professional, and a truly impressive public speaker. Her remarkable insight in the field of media and communications and her genuine charisma helps her captivate the audience in a magical way and also makes each interaction with her a life-long memorable experience."

–Yanina Dubeykovskaya,Founder/Content Director, World Communication Forum, Davos,Switzerland

Media Trainer Rasha Goel

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