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Is your messaging sexist?

  August 4, 2016

They need media training because their messaging is sexist.

There are more than 161 million women in the United States. Worldwide there are 3.52 billion women.  So why would any business alienate this powerful group by using sexist language or tolerating its executives to display sexist behavior? 

It could be they do not realize sexism when they see it.  Or, there are not enough women in senior positions who could raise some red flags on sexist messaging. Or, the company has a history of sexism and they have gotten away with it.

When blatant sexism is exposed, a company leaves itself open to negative media coverage and public backlash.  

An executive media training workshop is a good place to examine your corporate messaging and executive behaviors.  Does your company past the gender test? 

Here are some examples to study—to learn from their mistakes.

Coca-Cola is apologizing for a blunder in Ireland.  An advertising campaign for Sprite backfired—apparently women didn’t find the so-called humorous ad copy too funny.

At Saatchi & Saatchi, chairman Kevin Roberts is resigning after making dismissive remarks about gender diversity in advertising.   Does he really believe women in advertising are happy in non-leadership roles?

The Gap is taking some heat after an ill-conceived ad campaign in the United Kingdom. The boy’s t-shirt proudly displayed “Little Scholar,” while the girl in the ad wore a t-shirt touting her as a “Social Butterfly.”

Sexism has no place in your boardroom, in your advertising or in any of your media messaging.


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