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Media Training and Crisis Communication

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Improve your media presence
Learn to ace media interviews

1 and 2 day workshops are customized to your specific media needs. Choose topics from the list below. If your specific need is not addressed here, please ask us about it during your free phone consultation.

  • Developing Media Messages & Staying on Message (Bridging)
  • Avoiding Media Traps
  • Interview Styles (ambush, softball, walk & talk, 2-shot, remote)
  • Speaking in Sound Bites for Broadcast Interviews
  • Media Jargon
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Aesthetics of TV (tips on clothing, makeup, hair, and jewelry)
  • Camera Presence (eye contact, body language, posture, gesturing, facial expressions and other non-verbal cues)
  • On-Camera Interviews
  • Playback of interviews with expert critique and correction techniques
  • Do and Don’ts of News Conferences
  • Social Media Best Practices
  • Knowing your Media Rights (retractions and more)
  • A course workbook is included
  • Your videotaped interviews will be provided to you following your media training

If your group is large, we suggest you add a second day so that every executive has an opportunity to take part in the on-camera mock interviews and receives our expert critique of his/her interviews. A second day may also focus on advanced Crisis Communications.


Private Media Training-for executives and other professionals

For the busy CEO, celebrity or any VIP who prefers to work solo with a senior media trainer. We can focus on Crisis Communications or on any of the topics above for your private media interview training session. Sessions are confidential and only you will decide who sees your on-camera practice.

Private media training includes follow-up by phone, email, Skype or FaceTime— up to 30 minutes. Take advantage of this service during the three months following your
on-site media training.

Our services are available across the United States and internationally.


Here is what satisfied clients say about our media training:

"Attending taught me how to appear more relaxed in front of the camera and craft my message in sound bites. I have already seen a huge difference in recently taped interviews.”

–Diana Jennings, Founder, "Brand You Image"

“I always avoided the media because I felt that I looked awkward in front of a camera and didn't like how my voice sounded. Suzanne Spurgeon's media training services, which blended humor, rigorous honesty, and her vast knowledge of the most effective ways to present to the media, helped me solve these problems. Now I look forward to on camera interviews, instead of dreading them.”

–Robert Jonez, Realtor & Author “Asphalt Boogie”

Other Media Training Services for Executives:

Branding and Messaging—In the Boardroom and in the Media

Suzanne Spurgeon teams up with Certified Image Consultant and CEO of Corporate Icon, Patsy Cisneros, to present this day-long workshop for executives.

Executives will learn to be more effective communicators in the boardroom and in media interviews. You’d be surprised how many of the skills you need to improve media relations and ace media interviews, are the same skills that can help you better connect with your business colleagues, bosses and other stakeholders.

  • Learn to speak in “sound bites,” not just for TV interviews, but for corporate presentations.
  • Learn to stay on message—both for media interviews and when addressing your business colleagues. It is all about promoting and protecting your brand, no matter who you are addressing.
  • Business & Social Etiquette (Meetings, Social Functions, Networking Skills)
  • Business Wardrobe (Packaging Yourself for Advancement, Business Casual Levels and More; and Dressing for TV interviews)
  • Body Positioning (Territory Establishment, Touching: Facts & Myths; and Camera Presence)
  • Communication Style (Introductions, Multi-Cultural “Small Talk,” Difficult People/Situations, Male-Female Communication)
  • Advanced Business Presentation Skills (PowerPoint/Keynote and Visuals)
  • Role playing with on-camera practice and critique

    Media training in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Denver, Chicago, Phoenix and wherever we are needed

Media Training

Media Training Workshop

Media Training for Executives

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