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Media Training and Crisis Communication

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In our crisis communications training we put our clients through worst-case scenarios and interview them on-camera until they are comfortable and on-message. We include social media strategies to help contain communication crises. The crisis communication drills are led by former CNN VP Suzanne Spurgeon, the founder of Women Media Pros. She has trained high profile individuals and executives of high risk industries across the country and internationally. Clients include: airlines, energy firms, utilities, government agencies, lawyers and celebrities. Our Crisis Communications Workshops focus on investigative and ambush style of interviews. We coach you on how to answer the questions the media will ask if you are hit by a real crisis. You can combine Crisis Communications with one of our Media Training workshops or book an entire day devoted to Crisis Communications.

You will learn exactly what to expect from the media and how to best prepare for the onslaught. Here are just a few of the questions we will answer during your Crisis Communication Workshop:

  • What is the best time to hold a news conference?
  • Where is the ideal location for your news conference?
  • What points should you hit in your first social media posting once a crisis occurs?
  • How quickly should you put out a formal, written statement?
  • Should only the CEO speak for the company?
  • Should you “leak” important information to a “friendly” journalist?
  • What role should your legal team have in your crisis communications plan?
  • Is there an effectively way to stall without appearing to be hiding something?
  • Is it ever a good thing to tell the media, “no comment?”

Suzanne and her senior crisis communications trainers learn as much about you and your business as possible before the session — so they can craft realistic crisis scenarios and prepare you to answer the toughest media questions.

Our services are confidential. Anything that takes place during your sessions will not shared with others, and you will control who sees your mock interviews.

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Crisis Communications On-going Support

For corporations, organizations or high profile individuals who need more than a single workshop, we offer on-going crisis communications support. We can draft your talking points, fine-tune your crisis plan or craft a new crisis communication plan for your business. Our experts can also be dispatched to your location when a crisis hits, and can serve as media spokesperson for your company. Monthly Skype or FaceTime check-ins are included.

Crisis Communications

Crisis Communication before facing the media

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